Merton Uplift is a free integrated Primary Care Mental Health service accessible to anyone living in the borough of Merton or registered with a Merton GP who are 18 years and over. We support anyone who has a mental health or wellbeing need, whether this is due to emotional difficulties or life stress. We also offer a service for people with a stable mental health diagnosis such as psychosis and Bipolar Affective disorder.

Our team specialises in delivering consistent, high quality wellbeing group interventions, community outreach and co-production sessions. We work within a recovery-focused, psychologically-informed, holistic way whilst considering cultural and social needs of individuals and communities. We aim to develop high standard interventions and group workshop content and resources in line with client and community needs.

We aim to start delivering the wellbeing seminars from the 1st of May. The current wellbeing seminars we offer include: Managing Anger and Irritability, Self-Confidence and Assertiveness, Maintaining your wellbeing, Self-Care and Relaxation, Coping with Stress and Reaching your Potential. There is a need in the service to also develop a long-term condition workshop and we will hope to deliver this in the coming months.

Our seminars focus on using a holistic approach to wellbeing. The areas we cover are physical, psychological, emotional, social, and spiritual. We will also use the seminars to discuss key themes and myths around wellbeing, and hopefully lower the stigma and discrimination attached to mental health and wellbeing.

Overall we hope to help others understand more about overcoming their barriers, becoming comfortable interacting with others, as well as finding solutions, techniques, and learning practical skills to improve their wellbeing.

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