The Regeneration Project is a radically inclusive community, where difference and diversity is appreciated and celebrated, as we believe that God loves and celebrates each of us as we are.

Our community includes and welcomes people from the wide and colourful spectrum of diversity.

We welcome, affirm and celebrate all because of our common humanity and our unique ethnicities, nationalities, ages, genders,sexual identities, sexual orientations, religion, disabilities and abilities.

We refuse to discriminate or exclude on the basis of difference of any kind.

Our Sunday gatherings currently take place from 11.00pm to 12.30pm every Sunday at 28 St Mark’s Rd, Mitcham, CR4 2LF

We are very informal in style.  The Worship is thoughtful and exuberant, the messages are insightful, challenging and practical and the welcome is phenomenal.

A typical gathering will include, worship through prayers and singing, a talk and then a discussion about the practical application of the talk in our day to day lives.

The Regeneration Project is an affiliate member of the The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries.

The Regeneration Project is a part of Churches Together in Mitcham.

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