A one day festival celebrating lez / bi / trans / queer culture. 11th May / Stockwell.

LezFest is a space for all queer women and non-binary people to come
together, have fun, and celebrate our shared culture.

There are precious few spaces that exist for our community (hello 36 lesbian
bars worldwide). We need spaces run for us, by us. Where we can talk, learn,
party and create. Where you don’t need to dance to meet other dykes (but you
can if you want to).

On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, there’s never been a better
time to celebrate our culture and build our community.

For now, get LezFest in your diary, like and follow us on Facebook and
Instagram, and start spreading the word in your queer families!

As lesbians and queer people, we are stronger when we come together and
support each other. That’s why LezFest is an explicitly bi, pan and trans friendly
event with a programme that will reflect our beautiful diverse community.
We are believers in DIY culture and spirit. If you wanna see something in the
world, make it happen! We don’t know how to run a festival, but we’re doing it
anyway. Wanna help? Got ideas? Email us: hellolezfest@gmail.com.

Get your tickets here – Outsavvy

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