Sports, Clubs & Social Activities

Some people do not use the ‘scene’, in respect to visible lesbian and gay bars and clubs, while others prefer to engage with the LGBT+ community in other ways. Here in London we are fortunate in having many other clubs, societies, groups and organisations that cater for a wide and diverse range of interests, hobbies activities and sports specifically for LGBT+ people. Gay golf? Gay politics? Single parent groups? It’s all out there!

An excellent guide to lesbian and gay sports clubs and social groups can be found here

Local LGBT+ Social Activities

The Forum runs its own series of events and activities and more details can be found here

Unfortunately, we don’t yet have any dedicated LGBT+ bars or clubs in the Merton area (we live in hope!) but are a number in neighbouring areas and, in particular, in central London.

A good guide to some of these can be found here:

Most of these are aimed at gay men but many venues increasingly welcome lesbian and trans* customers too, as do many modern straight venues. London is fast becoming a ‘metrosexual’ city ie one where one’s sexual identity is irrelevant.