Sexual Health

LGBT+ Health

The NHS provides a useful summary to most aspects of LGBT+ peoples’ health on their main website. Here you can learn about the specific health issues that can affect you, together with practical advice on how to stay in good health:

Sexual Health

A happy sex life is part of being a happy human, regardless of one’s sexuality. However, things can and do wrong and it’s always better to get checked out quickly if you think something has.

For some people this can be both embarrassing and difficult, especially if one is not out or perhaps is in a relationship.

Therefore, many people prefer to access specialist sexual health services as opposed to see their GP’s about any health concerns. Your GP, of course, can always be relied upon to be non-judgmental and must maintain your confidentiality by law.

Your surgery will always be able to refer you to another GP of a different sex if you would prefer.

Increasingly today, these clinics will be known as ‘Sexual Health Clinics’ and some of the main ones are attached to or part of general hospitals. Some may continue to be known by their medical department names such as ‘Genitourinary Medicine’ or GUM.

The important thing to understand is that whoever you see, this will always be done in the strictest of confidentiality and anonymity can also be maintained fully.

For a good guide on all aspects of sexual diseases and conditions look here:

Sexually Active – Get Checked Regularly

Even if you don’t have any symptoms (ie nothing appears wrong), if you are sexually active then it’s always good to have a regular check-up – say every 6 months. Any of the clinics in this guide will be happy to provide this.

Hospital Clinics

St Helier’s Hospital, Carshalton (in Sutton). Their GUM department does not have a special name but guarantees full confidentiality

Other sexual health clinics in London

Some people prefer to access sexual health clinics outside where they live or, perhaps, closer to where they work. You do not have to live in any particular area to access the services of any of these. All can be relied upon to maintain your confidentiality and, if you would prefer, anonymity.

For a list of various other gay men’s clinics see here: and

Most of these welcome people of all sexual identities.

56 Dean Street

If you want to avoid a hospital or overtly medical setting then try 56 Dean Street in central London (in the heart of Soho)

Dean Street Express

To be found at 34 Dean Street in Soho, this is another sexual health clinic that provides a pre-booking service which you can book from 7pm the night before.

It’s best suited to those who are symptom-free (ie haven’t noticed anything wrong) and don’t need treatment or who just want a routine sexual health check up.