About Us

The Merton LGBT+ Forum is a volunteer run non profit, non political organisation set up to help all lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people who live, work or study in Merton.

Working with the local authority, public and voluntary organisations, we aim to help challenge any type of discrimination and promote equality in any service provision.

We offer advice, workshops, signposting and regular local social events, all with the aim of helping and strengthening the LGBT+ community in Merton.

The Forum aims to build a platform for LGBT+ people Merton with the local authorities and other governing bodies and agencies on matters of interest or concern to them.

For these local authorities and relevant agencies to work in partnership with LGBT+ people to challenge discrimination and to positively promote equality in service provision.

To keep raising community awareness of LGBT+ issues and to encourage good relations between LGBT+ people and others in the community.

To work alongside local companies and schools to provide advice with bullying in the work place and schools.

The Merton LGBT+ Forum does not follow one particular political party.

All parties are welcome to our social events and open meetings we hold twice a year but we do ask that politics is kept outside of them.

*  transgendered MTF and FTM, cross dressers, transsexuals, intersex and genderfluid.

Our Team

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